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Satin Clouds, for MV Interior Design at Marbella Design & Art


Challenge: Create a subtle and elegant piece of art that invites the visitor to enter the space designed by the interior designer.

It must be attractive and at the same time sober integrating with the decoration of a luxurious interior.


Solution: Design an enveloping and sensory work, that arouses the curiosity of the visitor and the desire to get closer to touch and experience it.

We create a completely handmade fabric that activates tactile sensations and stimulates inspiration.

Satin is a fabric that conveys elegance and delicacy. Depending on the fall of light, it acquires reflections and subtle tones that evoke elegance and distinction.

For this project we created a gradient with white, ivory and champagne tones. As it is an acoustic solution on the ceiling, we created a continuation of backlit panels going down towards the adjoining wall, to achieve more visibility and attract the visitor’s curiosity.