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Do you feel you need some guidance to not get lost in the infinite textile universe?

Choosing the right fabrics to achieve the right communication for your project could be a challenge if you are not acquainted with this field.


We help you in choosing the most suitable fabrics for your space, artistic work, or project.

Learn to create an authentic sensory experience and make your project really convey what you want to communicate.

One hour long session, in-person or online

This service is intended for:

____ Offices, restaurants and hotel managers.
____ Interior design and decoration companies.
____ Store owners or other customer-facing businesses who wish to improve their window display.
____ Event organizers.
____ Design students.
____ Textile artists.
____ Individuals eager to improve their home decor.

According to your needs, we will propose:

A/ Different fabrics, colors, and textures that you can use to give your project a unique signature.

B/ Simple and very effective techniques, tools, and resources that allow you to stimulate both the visual and tactile senses.

With this textile consulting you will gain clarity and get concrete proposals and ideas to implement in your project.


Different materials will convey different messages and sensations. For example: velvet or satin?

The former evokes coziness and intimacy and brings warmth to a space, while the latter is associated with luxury and exclusivity.